Beetroot and Goats Cheese Salad


2 Bunches of baby beetroot, washed and trimmed
1 Head of garlic cut in half horizontally
Splash each of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar
150g Goat cheese feta
50g Toasted pine nuts or pistachio kernels
Large handful of baby rocket and spinach leaves
4 tbs Basketcase Balsamic Fig Glaze



  1. Wrap the beets in foil with the garlic and a splash of oil and vinegar for around an hour or until soft.
  2. Remove from the oven and peel the skin of the beets, roughly chop. Squeeze a few of the softened garlic from their papery outer casings.
  3. Toss with the spinach and rocket leaves, a good splash of the BALSAMIC FIG GLAZE, and season well. Arrange on a platter.
  4. Scatter over the crumbled feta and pine nuts and another drizzle of the BALSAMIC FIG GLAZE.

Source: http://basketcasegourmet.com.au