Bubbamama: Get In The Spirit Of Christmas Feasting With Ryan’s Grocery

Get in the Spirit of Christmas Feasting with Ryan’s Grocery

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For its second year now, Ryan’s Grocery will tantalize your taste buds this festive season with its scrumptious and wholesome Christmas delicacies — ranging from meat cuts and roasts to premium gift sets. Ryan’s Grocery has come a long way, as they pride themselves Singapore’s most comprehensive organic distributor: 95% of its over 1000 in-store products are gluten-free. Ryan’s Grocery is a one-stop shop catering to the health-conscious and those with dietary restrictions.

This Christmas, Ryan’s Grocery offers 5 different meats for its seasonal roasts:

  1. Roast Ribeye Black Angus Beef($168) – Rich in flavour and succulent in every bite, we believe that this is easily the bestseller amongst all meat-lovers out there. Hand-selected and grass-fed, the Blackwood Valley cattle imported from western Australia guarantees distinctive quality in texture and taste.
  2. Roast Turkey($139) – It is a known fact that preparing turkey can be tricky as the meat overcooks easily. Here at Ryan’s Grocery, the U.S. roast turkeys are mastered to perfection – moist and just the right texture. You can choose between mushroom and chestnut stuffing, accompanied with cranberry sauce.
  3. Roast Lamb Leg ($160) – The Roast Lamb Leg is delightful — we enjoyed the tenderness of all its meat cuts, especially so for their Iamb legs. On top of that. bones are removed to facilitate a more convenient feasting experience. What’s more, this comes with a complimentary Truffle Mustard for the perfect accompaniment.
  4. Roast Chicken ($58) — The roast chickens at Ryan’s Grocery are hormone and antibiotic free, seasoned with red pepper, onions, garlic, and parsley.
  5. Roast Pork Collar rolled ($68) — Imported from Borrowdale, the free range pork is hands down a lot healthier than ordinary-grade pork collar that leaves you with a bloated, greasy aftermath Also hormone and antibiotic free.

For a hassle-free Christmas family dinner, place your order online with Ryan’s Grocery for seasonal roasts at ryansgrocery.com_ Alternatively, you may drop Ryan’s Grocery to personally place an order.

Enjoy an early bird discount of when you place your orders before 12 December 2016. Simply place an order and await confirmation for self-collection at Ryan’s Grocery store.

While the Christmas roasts are good on its own, amp up the flavours with the accompaniment of side sauces. We specifically want to recommend Truffle Mustard that we cannot get enough of!

You may even purchase A Great Southern Truffles Gift Set for truffle-lovers, at $35.90.

This premium set comprises a bottle of organic truffle oil, a jar of organic truffle honey, and a bottle of truffle mustard (yes this is what we are talking about!). We vouch that this would be the best Christmas gift for those who live and breathe truffle.