Citynomads: Feast Guilt Free on Australia’s First Carbon Neutral Beef

We love our beef, but it comes with a hefty carbon footprint. Did you know raising cattle produces up to 20 times more greenhouse emissions than growing crops? But if you loath to give up your steak, there’s hope – Australia’s first carbon neutral beef. Five Founders Neutral Australian Beef. From paddock to plate, Five Founders has taken pains to offset all carbon emissions from beef production, through initiatives such as forest friendly grazing and testing of legume-based pastures. No hormones are added, and no part of the beef is wasted. Thanks to Alternative Selection, a Singaporean distributor, this eco-friendly beef is now available on Redmart, Ryan’s Grocery, and at various restaurants! Snag a cut from Redmart between 3 to 30 September 2019, and enjoy 15% off on selected Five Founders Beef Products.


Five Founders Natural Australian Beef is available for purchase on Redmart and at Ryan’s Grocery. It is also served in restaurants across Singapore including Kitchen by Food Rebel, Outback Steakhouse and The Market Grill.

Source: https://www.citynomads.com/the-weekly-grub-5-things-to-eat-and-drink-in-singapore-this-week-11-september-2019/