At Ryan's Grocery, we believe in ethical sourcing and humane treatment of animals and in providing healthy quality food to our consumers.
To ensure the best meat for you, we only source from certified farms that provides either organic or free range meat options.
We are proud to share with you our partner farms from whom we source our meat.


"WX by Rangers Valley is Wagyu, cross bred with the very best genetics to create something new and unique to a market looking for something rare and exclusive. Ours isn’t like other cross bred wagyu. It stands alone as a product because it’s not just about the wagyu component – or the marble score. It’s about a newly developed and artfully crafted evolution. This evolution is equally the wagyu and marble score, plus a deliberate and artful cross breeding – a lineage nexus where one great ancient breed meets another to create a flavour, performance and undeniable quality that’s impossible to define.

Melt in the mouth flavour, texture and that mystifying umami, WX by Rangers Valley brings an eating quality unlike other beef. Known for its intelligent cross breeding, resultant marble score and relentlessly buttery mouthfeel, WX is used by Chefs all over the world with exciting results.



"The Pensini family has been raising cattle in Western Australia since 1920. While our herd has moved from the market gardens of Perth to the fertile pastures of the Blackwood Valley in the South West of Western Australia, the way they're raised is virtually unchanged.

Great-grandfather, Giovanni Pensini, followed Slow Food principles before the term was coined. We uphold them by ensuring our cattle are hand selected, exclusively grass-fed and raised in a low stress environment on our Australian Certified Organic farm. Artificial growth hormones and antibiotics are never used. Not only do they live a good life, they live a much longer life than standard beef animals, allowing more time for natural flavours to develop. Apart from tasting better, grass-fed beef has higher levels of good Omega 3 fatty acids and lower levels of not so beneficial Omega 6.

We're immensely proud of the organic premium beef we produce....."

Warren Pensini,  owner of Blackwood Valley Beef.



Mara Organic Beef is certified organic YG Hereford beef which is farmed on the rich farmland edge of the Richmond Ranges at Mallanganee, just near Byron Bay. The fertile soils, quality pastures and high rainfall of this area make it the ideal conditions for grazing premium beef cattle. The farm has been owned and operated by the Larsson family who is one of Australia’s leading organic farmers 

Mara Organic are passionate about sustainable and ethical farming practices and deliver clean, flavorsome, organic beef. The goal of Mara Organic Beef is to develop niche specialized products and cater for the growing organic beef market. 





Five Founders is the first brand of beef by North Australian Pastoral Company (NAPCo); one of Australia’s largest and oldest cattle producers. Established in 1877, NAPCo boasts over 140 years of heritage, history, and experience in sustainable beef farming. Today, the company manages a herd of 200,000 cattle, across six million hectares of land across Queensland and the Northern Territory. 

Five Founders Beef is born and raised on wide open pastures and is the product of generations of farmers who have spent their lives overseeing the entire operation from breeding to fattening, with the health and wellbeing of our cattle always priority. For them, raising cattle is not a job; it’s a way of life. In April 2019, Five Founders became Australia’s first carbon neutral certified beef, affirming the company’s 140-year commitment to ethical and sustainable farming, through sensitive management of both land and livestock. Since its establishment, NAPCo has always prioritised animal welfare and sustainable environmental practices – attaining carbon neutrality was therefore a natural progression of this commitment. 



Cleaver's Organic

Like most of the best things in life, the secret to Cleaver’s success is surprisingly simple. Cleaver’s was built on good, old-fashioned values from day one. Cleaver’s products are all from animals humanely raised in a free range environment where added hormones are never used.

Starting from a humble suburban butchers store in Sydney, Cleaver’s products are now stocked in supermarkets across Australia. We achieved this by never losing sight of what we set out to do, which was to provide families with the tastiest healthy and ethical products.

To this day Cleaver's is run by passionate people who take tremendous pride in what they are doing and continue to partner with the same farming families from day one. 

At Cleaver’s they believe farmers are custodians of the land. By respecting and supporting them, Cleaver’s helps ensure their farms will remain viable and productive for generations to come.


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Bultarra Australian Saltbush Lamb is a unique, distinctive lamb product exported from unique native pastures in Australia. Grazed on the unique Saltbush pastures of the Australian outback. The pristine natural environment means the lamb is infused with an exceptional fresh clean taste. It has a robust and rich flavour while still delicate enough to carry exceptional spice blends.

Every animal is carefully selected and the health and welfare is monitored from farm gate to abattoir to export, resulting in complete transparency through the supply chain. Saltbush Lamb has been found to have improved nutritional value due to the Saltbush the lambs consume which is rich in Vitamin E. It is the presence of this powerful anti-oxidant, together with the regional characteristics of the area, which gives the lamb its superb taste, tenderness and health benefits.
Ensuring good animal health and welfare is a key priority for Saltbush Livestock. They are committed to the highest levels of animal welfare and the humane treatment of animals.



Borrowdale delivers a modern take on traditionally farmed pork of yesteryear, bringing the highest standards of ethical pork production. Borrowdale Free Range Pork is raised on a family owned and operated farm situated on 10,000 acres of lush darling downs farmland in Queensland, Australia. The farms are RSPCA approved and accredited Free Range by APIQ (Australian Pork Industry Quality Assurance Program). It is 100% carbon neutral and partnered with industry-leading consultants the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) to achieve this industry landmark.

Raised in a stress free environment, with the freedom to truffle, play and wallow in the mud, Borrowdale free range pork has taken on the superior flavour and tenderness of pork from a bygone era. With Borrowdale free range pork, you can rediscover the real taste of pork.



"We take pride in raising the highest quality meats for your family. Organic Prairie meats are produced by our independent cooperative of organic family farms. We are pioneers of the organic meat industry. We began producing our delicious meats—without the use of antibiotics, synthetic hormones, or pesticides—back in 1996. We insisted on third-party organic meat certification long before federal organic standards were established. We were the first in the industry to ban animal by-products from our cattle’s diet. And we played a vital role in shaping federal organic meat certification standards—the strictest in the industry. 

Organic Prairie farmers are committed to providing your family with the healthiest, most wholesome meat, raised humanely in accordance with organic principles and practices—respecting the dignity and interdependence of human, animal, plant, soil and global life. We know that meat produced organically is the safest, best choice for our families, and we’re proud to make it available for yours to enjoy!



Inglewood Organic Chicken is grown free from chemical pesticides, herbicides and is GMO free. The chickens are not treated with antibiotics, hormones or medications – so you can feel confident that you are receiving clean, safe, and Certified Organic food. Organic farming has the big-picture in mind. It is about more than just the way the chickens are raised. Beginning from the time the eggs hatch, each aspect of the supply chain is Certified Organic, including the Certified Organic feed the chickens eat.  Implementing ethical farming practices throughout the supply chain is paramount to sustainable organic farming.  Organic is therefore the socially responsible choice.

Due to a unique processing method, Inglewood Organic chickens are air chilled, and you can taste the difference!  The true flavour of the chicken is not compromised by the absorption of water, which is known to occur during the more common chlorinated spin chilling processing method. Inglewood Organic Chicken allows the consumer to “Return to Good” old-fashioned chicken, with genuine flavour.



An Xin Chicken from Toh Thye San Farm is a premium quality chicken breed from France known as GG French Poulet.  With the belief in being the provider of ethically farmed and sourced food products, the farm ensures that the chickens are reared in a clean and hygienic environment using natural health supplements. Free from chemical growth hormones and antibiotics, it is both safe and healthy. 

An Xin Chickens are reared with responsible agricultural practices. Both male and female hatchlings are reared, albeit separately. The chicks are housed comfortably in sheds equipped with warmers to protect their immunity system. For the first ten days of their development, the chicks are fed a special in-house formulation of pre-starter feed, consisting of a nutritious blend of milk, natural amino acids, corn and soy. After they have grown, the chickens are allowed to roam freely in spacious pens with plenty of natural light and elevated perches.