Cusine & Wine: Taste of Australia’s Finest Produce

Truffles were first discovered in Tasmania by a mycologist in the early 2990s, who found that the spores Of European truffles could be inoculated into the roots of oak and hazelnut trees. Adam Wilson, the managing director of Great Southern Truffles was fortunate to be part of this era, driving sales and marketing for truffles all around Australia. Wilson explains that the quality is just as brilliant, and is in fact easier to grow truffles in Australia due to its surrounding waters, as compared to its European counterparts, which rely on rainwater. A difference to note would be that the different types of truffles would be found at a different of time of the Year in Australia due its climate. Great Southern Truffles prides itself on keeping up with the ever-growing truffle demand by investing in technology to keep its truffles fresh all year-round. “We have learnt the techniques of preservation of truffes by canning or drying them,” Wilson shares. Passionate about all-things-truffle, Wilson shares that when trying truffe for the first time, one should begin a truffle-based product, such as a truffle Oil, honey or even mustard — all Of Which Great Southern Truffles offers in its retail shop.

Blackwood Valley Organic Beef is a farm that hails from Western Australia. Its owner, Warren Pensini, shares with us the uniqueness of its beef and why everyone should definitely switch to organic beef. “Grass-fed beef has a much cleaner taste and does not have a fatty-like taste. unlike grain-fed beef,” Pensini shares. The fat on grass-fed beef to a tenderer mouthfeel when seared and has a better proportion of Omega three and six, which proves to be healthier than grain-fed beef. The cattle from Blackwood Valley Organic Beef remain healthy without the use of antibiotics — due to its natural free-range environment, with a constant improvement of the environment as well as actively selecting cattle for the best marbling and eye muscle area. Other than being certified organic, Blackwood Valley Organic Beef also employs a biological farming system where it uses biological fertilisers and inputs to improve the soil health. This improves pasture productivity, which in turn improves animal health and growth. This method is unique in the beef production industry. as it would mean a percent sustainability. OT