Edgeprop : 5 Swanky Grocery Stores and Gourmet Meats in Bukit Timah You Need To Know

The store is modest in size, but it packs an impressive variety of premium goods. Organic vegetable bouillon, vegetarian luncheon meats (made from nuts) and nut roasts (a meatloaf alternative), and organic free-range meats are on display. There are pantry picks, from organic red, black, and brown rice bags to nut milks. The store even has artisanal cup noodles made with konjac jelly for a low-calorie alternative or sprouted buckwheat ramen. There’s a small but quality meat selection and a particularly interesting is the Australian saltbush lamb. This is lamb heavily raised on the grey-blue herbal saltbush shrub so that its meat carries exceptionally fresh flavour. There’s also kampong chicken fed with digestive enzymes, and a neat array of sausages made by Ryan’s Grocery (although not onsite). These are unique, gluten-free combinations such as pork cranberry and chestnut, wagyu herb and garlic, pork apple sage and rosemary, pork-and-beef Italian casalinga, and curry coconut chicken. According to an employee, the free-range meat extravaganza means the animals were very happy prior to slaughter and therefore had yummier meat.

Where: 29 Binjai Park, Singapore 589831 (same row as Ivins Peranakan Restaurant).
Opening times: 9am to 7pm, Mondays to Sundays.

Source: https://www.edgeprop.sg/property-news/swanky-grocery-stores-and-gourmet-meats-bukit-timah