(Gluten Free Recipes) Tempura


6 lotus roots slices, blanched
6 lady fingers (orca), make 2 small slits on both ends
1/3 pack enoki, cleaned
¼ pack bunapi (white beech mushroom), cleaned.
¼ pack brown buna-shimeji, cleaned.
12 French beans or Kenya beans, trimmed
6 pumpkin slices
100g silver striped herring
Some corn flour for coating 1 litre rice bran oil
1 egg (or some flax seed oil as replacer)
2/3 cup water
½ cup rice flour


  1. Prepare batter: add egg / egg replacer and water into a small bowl. Whisk to combine. Add rice flour and whisk till there are no lumps. Place in fridge till ready to use.
  2. Soak vegetables in cold water for at least 1 minute, and pat dry with a paper towel. Make sure there is no excess water before coating with corn flour.
  3. Dip in batter, deep fry in oil at 170°C. Hard ingredients like lotus roots, pumpkin take about 3 mins, while mushroom, green beans and Ocra takes about 2 mins. Clear crumbs in the oil once in a while.
  4. Once done, drain excess oil and let them rest on a wire rack (or plate lined with paper towel). Serve hot.