Grilled Prawns with Basmati Red Rice


500g organic tiger prawns, peeled & deveined
Juice of 4 limes
1 small fresh red chilli, deseeded & finely chopped
5 tbsp olive oil
12g basmati red rice
300ml water
3 heads of red chicory leaves
10-12 radishes, sliced
3 spring onions, sliced
4 tbsp red quinoa sprouts
Salt & Pepper


  1. Stir the prawns in line juice, chili & 2 tablespoons of the oil. Leave to marinate in the fridge for 2 hours.
  2. Put the rice into a saucepan with the water and ½ teaspoon of salt. Bring to the boil, cover & simmer for 40 mins. Fluff up with a fork & spread on a tray to dry.
  3. Meanwhile, soak 4 wooden skewers in a shallow dish of water for at least 30 minutes. Preheat the grill.
  4. Tip the rice into a frying pan large enough to spread it out in a thin layer. Place over a medium high heat & drizzle over the remaining oil. Fry for a few minutes until a crust form. Turn and fry for a few more minutes. Keep warm over a low heat until ready to serve.
  5. Meanwhile, drain the prawns, thread onto the soaked skewers & season to taste with salt & pepper. Place under the preheated grill & cook for 5-6 mins, until pink all over.
  6. Divide the chicory between 4 plates & top with the rice, radishes & spring onions.
  7. Remove the prawns from the skewers & arrange on top of the salad. Sprinkle with the sprouts & serve immediately.