Honey Kids: The best places to shop for fresh online groceries in Singapore

Time-crunched and can’t trek to the supermarket or wet market? We’re here for you. Check out our fave picks for all your fresh produce online in Singapore.

Us parents are busy people and our downtime is limited. Throw in a pandemic and the need for social distancing, and you’ve got yourself one great reason to do your grocery shopping online. Yep, if you prefer to get your weekly shop of fresh vegetables, fruits, and kitchen staples delivered to your door instead of making constant trips to supermarkets and wet markets, then read on. Here are our hot tips on the best online groceries shopping services that deliver. Woo hoo! How nice are we?

Ryan’s Grocery

If you consider yourself a bit of a foodie, look no further than Ryan’s Grocery. Originally set up by two parents after learning of their son’s intolerance to dairy products, gluten, nuts, soy, egg, and yeast, it’s since gone on from strength to strength. So if you’re looking for somewhere to buy online groceries in Singapore, check this place out! There are fresh fruits and veggies, top-quality meat we can personally attest to, dairy and eggs, bakery goods, and heaps more. There’s free delivery for orders over $100, and next-day delivery is available if you meet the cut-off of pre-2pm.

Source: https://honeykidsasia.com/best-online-grocery-shopping-deliveries-in-singapore/