Orasi Almond and Blueberry Tart


100g Icing Sugar
200g Maxime Gioia Special
300g Cake Flour
440g Basic Short Pastry
5g Lemon Zest
260g OraSi Almond
130g OraSi Rice Whipping Cream
5g Glucose
1g Agar Agar


• Put in a mixing bowl with the paddle the icing sugar together with the Maxime Gioia Special and mix slowly until smooth
• Add the flour to the mixture and mix till the mixture is smooth again
• Refrigerate the dough at 5 C till hard texture
• Take 400 g of dough and knead it again with the lemon zest using the paddle
• Flatten the dough at 5 mm out inside the desired mould
• Cook at 165 C for 15/20 min.
• Blend and boil all the ingredients together
• Wait till the filling becomes warm and pour inside the orange tart shell.
Finish the dessert decorating with the blueberries and glaze with boiled Mirall neutral.