Orasi Hazelnut Strawberry Tart


Basic Short Pastry:
100g Icing Sugar
200g Maxime Gioia Special
300g Cake Flour
Hazelnut Mousse:
215g OraSi Soy Sugar Free
250g OraSi Rice Whipping Cream
140g Hazelnut Paste 100%
180g Ariba Dark Chocolate



  1. Put in a mixing bowl with the paddle the icing sugar together with the Maxime Gioia Special and mix slowly until smooth
  2. Add the flour to the mixture and mix till the mixture is smooth again
  3. Refrigerate the dough at 5 C till hard texture
  4. Take 400 g of dough and knead it again with the lemon zest using the paddle
  5. Flatten the dough at 5 mm out inside the desired mould
  6. Cook at 165 C for 15/20 min.


  1. Boil the OraSi Soy unsweetened  make a ganache together with dark chocolate and hazelnut mousse.
  2. Half-whip the rice whipping cream and fold in the hazelnut ganache
  3. Pour the mousse inside the tart shell leave inside the fridge at 5 C and decorate the tart with fresh strawberries
  4. Glaze the fruit with boiled Mirall neutral sprinkle with dark flakes and hazelnut chopped