Orasi Lemon Snake Croissant


Croissant Dough:
2000g Bread Flour
40g Salt
240g Sugar
30g Yeast
20g Bread Improver
1000ml Orasi Soy Drink
500g Orasi HOS Butter 70%
Orasi Sheet Butter For Lamination:
200g Bread Flour
800g Orasi HOS Butter 70%
Lemon Filling:
500ml Orasi Rice Whipping Cream
150g Hydrall lemon



  1. Mix together flour, salt, sugar, yeast, bread improver, and soya on low speed for 5
    mins until a dough forms.
  2.  Add the OraSi butter at low speed until well combined, then high speed for 8 mins or
    till obtaining an elastic texture.
  3.  Rest the dough for 10 mins in the freezer.



  1. Fold the with OraSi Sheet butter into the dough, with 1 double folds. Rest the dough
    in the fridge for 30mins and proceed with a second double fold
  2.  Rest the dough in the fridge for 30mins
  3.  Thickness of the final sheet, 6 to 7 mm.
  4.  Proof the dough at 25-26°C with 70-80 % humidity around till double in size.
  5.  Bake at 200°C for 4 mins then lower the temperature to 165°C for 14 mins. Fan 4.



  1.  Using a planetary mixer with whisk attachment, whip up cream and lemon cream
    until medium-stiff peaks.
  2.  Create a lengthwise hole in the croissant.
  3.  Pipe the cream into the whole, and on top of the croissant.
  4.  Decorate as needed.