Orasi Pineapple Bombolone (Filled Donut)


Donut Dough:
1000g Bread Flour
550ml Orasi Almond Drink
20g Salt
120g Sugar
15g Yeast
150g Orasi HOS Vegan Butter 70%
Hazelnut Mousse:
50ml Orasi Soya Milk
200g Fruittup Pineapple
300ml Orasi Rice Whipping Cream
Canned Peach
Dark Chocolate Flakes



  1. Using a planetary mixer with dough hook, knead together bread flour, salt, sugar,
    yeast, and OraSi Almond drink.
  2.  Once the dough is slightly elastic, add in butter and continue kneading.
  3.  Check for gluten formation. Allow to rest for 15 mins.
  4.  Roll the dough until 7mm and cut round shapes using a round cutter.
  5.  Proof the donuts at 30C and humidity at 80% until doubled in size.
  6.  In a pot, heat up the cooking oil until hot enough.
  7.  Fry the donuts until golden brown and drain the oil.
  8.  Use as desired.


  1. In a planetary mixer with whisk attachment, add all the ingredients in a mixing bowl.
  2.  Whisk on medium until ready to use.
  3.  Select a desired piping nozzle and insert into a piping bag.
  4.  Fill a piping bag with mousse and store in the chiller.
  5.  Pipe mousse into the donut and on the top of the donut.
  6.  Slice the peaches thinly and place them on top of the cream.
  7.  Sprinkle dark chocolate flakes.