Orasi Pistachio Orange and Kiwi Jar


100g Icing Sugar
200g Maxime Gioia Special
300g Cake Flour
215g OraSi Soy Sugar Free
250g OraSi Rice Whipping Cream
140g Pistachio 100%
10g Ariba Dark Chocolate 60%


• Put in a mixing bowl with the paddle the icing sugar together with the Maxime Gioia Special and mix slowly until smooth
• Add the flour to the mixture and mix till the mixture is smooth again
• Refrigerate the dough at 5 C till hard texture
• Take 400 g of dough and knead it again with the lemon zest using the paddle
• Flatten the dough at 5 mm out inside the desired mould
• Cook at 165 C for 15/20 min.

• Boil the OraSi Soy sugar free
• Make a ganache together with dark chocolate and pistachio paste
• Half-whip the rice whipping cream and fold in the hazelnut ganache
• Pour the mousse inside the jar onto the crumble let it set inside the fridge
• Place a layer of peeled orange chunks and kiwi
• Pour again another layer of pistachio mousse and finish again with a layer of diced orang and kiwi
• Glaze the fruit with boiled Mirall neutral