Our story is a simple one. Upon learning of our son’s intolerance to dairy products, gluten, nuts, soy, egg and yeast, we went around searching for suitable quality food for him. Sounds simple, but not quite. Along the way, we met people on paleo diet, raw diet, low sugar diet, gluten-free diet and many others with no diet, who simply want good quality natural food.

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We spent several years searching beyond the local markets

We made numerous trips to Australia to personally sourced for organic meats and gluten free products. We tasted their spray free, organic produce and we had an epiphany! Fresh veggies actually tastes good! So do raw honey, spray free macadamia nuts, goats cheese, hand churned butter, even handmade gluten free pastas, relishes and pickles!

That brings us to Ryan's Grocery

Then we met Chris Black, he was a chef who found the best quality grass fed, natural herd organic beef from Blackwood Valley and decided to share it with his friends and family. Chris taught us to season the steak with just salt and pepper, and pan fry it. A good quality beef can taste so flavoursome and buttery!

It was here that we developed relationships with several small batch specialised producers in Western Australia, what started out as a hunt for tasty food that the whole family could share, soon became a business.

We met Warren Pensini from Blackwood Valley and told him about our plans, and he jumped on board, but only if we agree to sell his best meats, and commit to presenting their best to you. Same went for Colemena Honey, Latasha’s Kitchen, Wambym Organic Farm, Greenacres Macadamia, Heath Nut and many more!

about ryans grocery 1

So here is our Marketing talk for you.

We are a boutique Grocer and Butcher that caters to the discerning foodie with exquisite tastes or special dietary requirements.

We believe in quality foods that provide healthy option for all dietary requirements, and are committed to bringing the highest quality produce onto your plate.

Our store is tucked away in Binjai Park, Bukit Timah area, off Dunearn Road.

We are committed to providing quality service to you, and welcome your feedback. Come speak to our Australian trained butchers or our friendly staff for suggestions and tips to create wonderfully delicious meals suited for the home chef.

We are committed to serving you the best we can find.  We appreciate your feedback and support, as they are validation for the commitment of the farmers and producers to provide their best to you, and we are so proud to be part of their community and to able to welcome you into their world.