Our Parenting World – Shabu Shabu your way to Prosperity

Chinese New Year is coming! This year celebrate this important and joyous festive season with Ryan’s Grocery, the local specialty grocer. Ryan’s Grocery will be offering a variety of healthful, wholesome options: from healthier bak kwa and organic, free-range shabu shabu sets to all-time favourite cuts for Chinese cooking from the Butchery’.

Ryan’s Grocery Shabu Shabu Sets

Chinese New Year is a time for hotpot which represents reunion where family and friends gather and spend time together to enjoy a meal and catch up with one and another. Ryan’s Grocery takes Lunar New Year get-togethers to another level with organic and free-range shabu shabu sets where you can enjoy a fuss-free steamboat session. Ryan’s Grocery offers Ryan’s Organic Beef Set ($118.80) or Ryan’s Pork Set ($34.80). For beef lovers, Ryan’s Organic Beef Set is the go-to choice with primal cuts such as black angus beef brisket shabu shabu and beef striploin shabu shabu, complete with a complimentary Borrowdale Free Range Pork bones and Seamore I sea bacon (worth $28.90). Ryan’s Pork Set will include of two portions each of pork collar shabu shabu and pork belly shabu shabu, with which customers can savour the quality of certified free-range Borrowdale Pork through two different cuts and tastes. The set also comes with a complimentary Seamore I sea bacon (worth $18.90). In addition, guests can also choose from an a Ia carte shabu shabu meat menu offering a quality list of certified free-range Borrowdale Pork ($9.60, 200g), organic and grass-fed Dorper Iamb leg ($9.80, 200g), and Wagyu beef brisket ($10.60, 200g), all prepared shabu shabu style, as premium free-range, hormone- and antibiotic-free chicken leg coins ($7.00, 200g). Since the essence of a delicious steamboat lies in its broth, Ryan’s Grocery will be retailing premium chicken bones (SO 80, 100g), organic beef bones ($2.00, 100g) and a variety of pork bones ($1.00$1.20, IODg) essential for that nourishing and flavorful stock. Organic mushroom platters and a variety of gluten-free condiments and sauces are also available to spruce up your steamboat session for people with different dietary restrictions.

Seamore: Guilt-free bacon alternatives

Add some interest to this year’s Lunar New Year reunion dinners and steamboats with a gluten-free, vegan, low carb and high fiber alternative — I Sea Bacon. Made with 100% wild organic hand-picked seaweed from Connemara, Ireland, and France, these quality seaweed “bacon” is great alternatives for your taste buds, health and the planet! For a savoury and smoky kick, I Sea Bacon ($18.90, 75g) is not only perfect as a healthy snack straight from the pack, but can also be fried and added as a crisp/ topping to pasta or salads, or even stirred through any warm dish to infuse it with bacon-like smokiness without the excess sodium and fat.

Organic Vegetables and mushrooms to spruce up your steamboat

A delicious array of organic vegetables from leafy greens such as locally greens seasonal Tang Oh and spinach will spruce up your steamboat. The grocer will also be retailing a wide selection of organic mushroom to choose from.

Condiments and Dipping Sauces with a Difference

Customise your session with delicious dipping sauces from the grocery’s shelf of gluten-free condiments. Whip up a sensational dipping sauce with Ayam gluten-free pure sesame oil, Meridian dark tahini and Clearspring Japanese brown rice vinegar. Jensens organic Crushed Chilli, Jensens organic crushed ginger and Kjang by Mac pork bulgogi sauce provide the perfect pairing with meat. Alternatively, a simple blend of Latasha’s Green Chimichurri with Ayam pure sesame oil complements meat and seafood.

A Healthier Choice of Bak Kwa

Ryan’s Grocery presents a healthier option of an all-time favourite Lunar New Year treat — 3.3k Kwa. Made with hormone- and antibiotic- free, free-range Borrowdale Pork, Ryan’s Premium 3.3k Kwa ($48.80, 500g) uses 50 per cent less salt and sugar compared to industry standards and does not contain any additives, preservatives or food colouring. Exclusive to Ryan’s Grocery, Borrowdale Pork, which is hormone and antibiotic-free, and certified free-range from Queensland, Australia, is used for its premium Bak Kwa. Sourced from a single family-owned 10,000-acre farm, the pigs are raised in a stress-free environment with the freedom to forage, truffe and play. Great care is taken to ensure their well-being, with a balanced diet and insulated huts built on farm premises to shelter them from the harsh weather. Happy pigs translate to sensational premium pork, which Ryan’s Grocery has artfully transformed into high quality bak kwa at this time of the year for customers to indulge in with peace of mind.