Lemon Myrtle for cooking/spice powder


Lemon Myrtle is a herb that offers an exceptionally sweet, lemony flavour. Traditionally used as a topical treatment, Aboriginal Australians would grind the fresh leaves into a paste and apply topically to wounds.

The leaf has an exceptional citral content, is a great vegan source of calcium and has antimicrobial properties making it great for digestion.

The natural essential oil found within the leaf is what gives the sweet flavour. When cooking with Lemon Myrtle, it is recommended that you use the herb in the last 10 minutes to avoid diluting the essential oil, and thus the flavour (except when baking).

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Additional Information

Because the flavour of lemon myrtle resembles that of the citrus fruit so closely but lacks the fruit’s acidity, it is especially useful in recipes that are milk- or cream-based. It imparts a strong lemony flavour and will not cause dairy products to curdle. On the other hand, it is unsuitable for extended cooking times, as the lemon flavour begins to dissipate, and a strong eucalyptus flavour can begin to emerge.

For this reason, lemon myrtle is more successfully used to flavour cookies, ice creams and sorbets, pasta, stir-fries, fish, and grilled meats than foods requiring longer cooking times, such as roasts and dense cakes. In addition to its use in prepared dishes, lemon myrtle is a good choice to add flavour to spice rubs and marinades for poultry and fish, salad dressings, and dips.



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