Rossini of Beef Fillet and Foie Gras


4 × 50g beef fillet
4 × 30g foie gras
4 pieces bacon
flour, to taste
salad oil, to taste
butter, to taste
200ml Madeira wine
100ml red wine
30g butter
120g truffles
4 cherry tomatoes
4 mini radishes (variation: mini carrots)
4 stalks spinach
salad bouquet, to taste
potatoes, to taste
mashed potatoes, to taste
4 slices red radishes
8 slices truffles



  1. Season the beef fillet with salt and pepper and wrap the sides with bacon strips. Sauté it on a pan.
  2. Season foie gras with salt and pepper and cover with flour. Grill this using salad oil and butter until the surface becomes crispy.


  1. Boil Madeira wine and red wine in a pot until it is reduced by half. 2.
  2. Add butter and minced truffles and adjust the flavour by adding salt and pepper.


  1. Deep fry cherry tomatoes. Boil mini radishes and spinach in salted water.
  2. Cut potatoes into fine strips, wrap them around tube-shaped moulds and fry them.

To Serve

  1. Put fillet on a plate and top it with foie gras and sauce.
  2. Decorate with the truffles on top. Decorate with spinach, mini radishes, cherry tomatoes and mashed potatoes.
  3. Place the salad bouquet in the holder made of the fried potatoes