Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Black Truffle

Artigiani Del Tartufo Extra Virgin Olive Oil With Black Truffle

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 98,75%, dried Summer Truffle and Black Truffle 0,75% (equivalent to 3,75% of fresh product): Summer Truffle 0,6% (Tuber aestivum Vitt), Black Truffle 0,15% (Tuber melanosporum Vitt), natural flavouring. It may contain traces or spores of the genus Tuber spp.

May contain traces of gluten, nuts, eggs, soy & milk.

White truffle Polenta with Robiola and truffle

  1. Bring 1200ml of water to boil, add the robiola (finely cut), salt and sift the Artigiani Del Tartufo polenta in.
  2. Keep cooking and continuously stir for 6 minutes.
  3. Spread the polenta on the dish.
  4. Serve and slice the white truffle on top for your guests to see.