Sustainable Meat at Ryan’s Grocery: Why It’s Better for the Environment

Meat lovers who care about the environment can now have their steak and eat it too. Ensuring we live up to our motto of “Grocer With a Cause”, Ryan’s Grocery sells carbon-neutral beef, pork and lamb for the conscious shopper.

As the term suggests, carbon-neutrality means that the end product has a zero carbon footprint, from paddock to plate. Although this may seem counter-intuitive, given that agriculture has one of the highest carbon emissions, there are ways to ensure that emissions produced by the farms are compensated with initiatives that absorb the same amount of carbon.

Five Founders

Australia’s first carbon neutral certified beef made its way to our store in April 2019 and getting the certification was a long process of calculating carbon emissions- from livestock farming to operations, production and transportation- to purchasing Australia Government Approved carbon credits to offset the remaining emissions.

The end result is an exclusive free roaming cattle that has been grain finished for 100 days with no added hormones that makes for a distinct and delicious natural tasting piece of meat. No part of the beef goes to waste as the entire carcass is used to its fullest potential.


Besides carrying beef, Ryan’s Grocery also boasts exclusive distributorship of Australia’s 2018 Winner of the National Best Pork Award. Borrowdale is not only antibiotic-free and APIQ Certified, they are also Carbon Neutral.

Through the carbon offset project they offset their operations with renewable energy like the Mytrah Wind project in India. This clean energy alternative provides important infrastructure, and economic and social benefits for the remote communities in India.

Roaring Forties

To finish off the trifecta of Carbon Neutral red meat, Ryan’s Grocery has brought in Roaring Forties, a grass fed, added hormone free, carbon neutral certified lamb from the wild stretch of sea that lends the term “Roaring Forties”. As part of the Flinders + Co. umbrella, Roaring Forties neutralises their carbon emissions through carbon projects like Clean Drinking Water for Kenya and China Wind.

Shop for guilt-free meat now at www.ryansgrocery.com/shop and be treated to an array of choice cuts from our in-house butchery.