The Peak: Grocer with a Cause

Stocked with specially imported groceries and organic meats, Ryan’s Grocery is on a mission to cater to specific food allergies.

Tucked away in a shophouse within Bukit Timah is a boutique grocer and butchery that has been a culinary haven to those with special needs since 2015. Ryan’s Grocery was founded by Sebastian and Wendy Chia, who had to make frequent trips to Western Australia to suss out allergen, free products for their son, Ryan, after they learnt that he has intolerance to dairy, gluten, nuts, soya, eggs and yeast.

Having built relationships with purveyors at local farmers markets and small-batch specialist producers along the way, the couple later decided to import their products and set a retail store at 29 Binjai Park. The shop is stocked with allergen and preservative free food products. and is fitted with an organic butchery that offers hormone- and antibiotic-free options to customers.


From flour to pastas, snacks, condiments and find a lot of gluten-free options The well-curated inventory includes gluten free finds like corn bread mix, falafel mix and tempura batter. If your are looking for flour, wheat alternatives come in the milled chickpea, brown rice, coconut, buckwheat, teff, sorghum, arrowroot and more. There are also plenty of options for those with wheat, dairy, sugar, soya, egg and yeast intolerances. Ryan’s Grocery also carries organic-certified products. Besides soups, stocks, sauces, teas, soda and grains, it has a fresh produce section with organic fruit and vegetables, such as amaranth, avocado, kale and salad sprouts.


The full service butchery offers a comprehensive range of meats including exclusive imports like the organic grass fed Valley Blackwood valley Beef Western Australia. It also carries free-range Borrowdale Pork, organic beef and lamb from Thomas Farms. If you need help, a certified master butcher is at hand to offer the recommendations.

“By personally visiting the producers and farmers and understanding their production and farming processes, we an ensure that their practices are aligned with Ryan’s Grocery’s support for ethical farming and humane animal treatment,” Wendy explains. “ln addition, we order our cattle whole, allowing us to pick the best and check on the animals prior to sending to the abattoir.”