Vegan Lasagna


1 Celery
1 Carrot
1 Onion
4 Spoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
70g Soy Flakes
40g Dry Mushrooms
500ml Tomato Puree
250g Sheets of Pasta for Lasagna
600ml Vegan Bechamel
200ml OraSi Soy Milk
20g Toasted Almond
20g Gomasio (Salted Toasted Sesame)
10g Yeast Flakes
Salt and Pepper


  1. Soak the soy flakes and mushrooms in warm water to rehydrate.
  2. Prepare the vegan Parmesan by placing the almonds, Gomasio and yeast flakes in the mixer until a coarse powder is obtained.
  3. Clean and chop onion, celery and carrot. Heat the oil in a pan and sauté the vegetables. Add the soy flakes and the mushrooms, both well squeezed, and leave to flavor. Add the tomato puree and cook over a low heat for about an hour. Salt and pepper.
  4. Extend the veg béchamel with Orasi Soy Milk, in order to make it more liquid.
  5. Put a few spoons of the soy ragout sauce on the bottom of a lasagna pan, add a little veg bechamel. Arrange a layer of lasagna, cover with vegan ragout, béchamel and a spoon of vegan parmesan. Continue until you finish the ingredients, finish with a layer of bechamel sauce and “ vegan parmesan”.
  6. Bake at 200 degrees for about 30 minutes.